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About Fulbright Center

The Fulbright Center is a bi-national, non-profit organization established by international agreement between the United States of America and the Kingdom of The Netherlands. It promotes educational cooperation by administering educational exchange programs between the two countries, such as the Fulbright Program, and provides information on study, research and internships in the United States.

Board and staff of the Fulbright Center

Honorary Co-Chairmen:
Mr. drs. I.K. (Ingrid) VAN ENGELSHOVEN, Minister of Education, Culture and Science
Mr. Peter HOEKSTRA, Ambassador of the United States of America, The Hague

Executive Committee

  • Ms. Marjan OUDEMAN, Chairman of the Board of Utrecht University (Chair)
  • Ms. Jill ADLER, J.D., Director, East-West Parliamentary Practice Project (EWPPP), adjunct Professor, Webster University (Vice-Chair)
  • Mr. Jan PETIT, Director / Owner Profonte, (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Adiran J. PRATT, Deputy Public Affairs Attaché, U.S. Embassy The Hague (Alternate Treasurer)Other Members of the Board

Other members of the Board

  • Ms. Mattie BEKINK, President Martha J. Bekink Consulting; Deputy Director, Public Affairs, New York University; Educational Projects Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
  • Dr. Paul BROHOLM, Director of Investments, Theodoor Gilissen Bank, Amsterdam
  • Mr. Volkert DOEKSEN, Senior Adviser to the Carlyle Group, The Hague
  • Dr. Jan Willem GUNNING, Professor of Development Economics, VU University Amsterdam; General Secretary Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences KNAW, Amsterdam
  • Ms. Femke HALSEMA, Former Member of Parliament and party leader, Groen Links, Amsterdam
  • Dr. James KENNEDY, Dean University College Utrecht, Utrecht
  • Ms. Hollis KURMAN, Chairperson Ivy Circle NL, Writer, Moderator, Strategy Advisor, Amsterdam
  • Dr. Ruth OLDENZIEL, Professor Eindhoven University of Technology American-European History of Technology, Chair John Adams Institute, Amsterdam


Mr. Marcel Oomen, Executive Director
Marcel has been the Executive Director of the Fulbright Center since 1994. After having fulfilled his degree in Cultural Anthropology, he began his career as the National Director of AFS Intercultural Programs in 1983, after which he was appointed as Section Head at Nuffic where he managed academic exchange programs such as Erasmus, Comett, Linga and Tempus as well as bilateral programs. He is a member of 'NAFSA: Association of International Educators' and the 'EAIE: European Association of International Educators'.

Ms. Linda Pietersen, Fulbright Program Coordinator
Linda joined the Netherlands America Commission for Educational Exchange (now known as the Fulbright Center) in 2000. Linda is responsible for coordinating the Fulbright Program for which she receives many applicants from both Dutch and American students and professors. Linda handles the recruitment and selection of the grantees, and prepares them for their departure to the U.S. or to the Netherlands. Linda majored in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and consequently worked as a Program Coordinator at the University of Amsterdam for the European Postgraduate Course in Environmental Management.

Ms. Fabienne van den Bor, Educational Adviser
Fabienne joined the Fulbright Center in 2002 and began her career as the Campus Program Coordinator. In 2013, she was appointed Educational Adviser at the Fulbright Center. Fabienne is an alumna of the Campus Scholarship Program through which she studied at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. She studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and returned to the University of Kansas to study Public Relations and Mass Communication. She is a member of various professional associations such as NAFSA, EAIE and IACAC.

Ms. Manon Kolsteren, Program Officer
Manon started working as Program Officer on March 1, 2016, but she joined the Fulbright Center in 2013 as an intern, after receiving her Master's degree in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. During her bachelor's program at the University of Groningen in American Studies, she took part in an exchange program with the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina and did her Master's research in New Orleans. She lived in Florida and North Dakota. During her internship period at the Fulbright Center, she co-organized the celebration of 65 years of Fulbright Program in the Netherlands (June 2015) and published a book with interviews with alumni under the title 'In Amerika heb ik ruim leren denken' ("In America I've learn how to think broadly"). She has worked as a Test Center Administrator at the Fulbright Center since April 2014. As a Program Officer, she is responsible for the Campus Scholarship Program and the Teacher's Group Exchange. She is a member of IACAC.

Ms. Ramona Saya, Program Assistant
Ramona joined the Fulbright Center in 2006. She studied International Business and Management Studies at The Hague University, and worked as an assistant supervisor at a large retail chain. Her work at the office includes general administration such as handling mail, answering the telephone, and database management. Along with these tasks, she also helps support the Fulbright Program.

Visiting address and mail address

Westerdoksdijk 215
1013 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31.20.5315930
Fax: +31.20.6207269

Legal status

The Netherlands America Commission for Educational Exchange, the official name of the Fulbright Center, is a special legal entity, created by an international agreement between two states, the United States of America and the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Although the organization operates under Dutch law, it is not subject to some of the regulations other (semi-)public bodies are subject to, such as the Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht (the law that governs the functioning of public bodies in The Netherlands). As a legal entity, it is allowed to receive and disburse monies, hire and fire personnel and perform all other legal actions to function as an independent institution.