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Bio's van Amerikaanse Fulbright Studenten

Hieronder vindt u de bio's van de Amerikaanse Fulbright studenten die graag een bezoek aan uw school brengen.

Laura Allen
Hallo! My name is Laura Allen and I am a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. My bachelor's degree is in health care administration, with a minor in gerontology and a long term care administration certificate. I am doing a year of independent research at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. My research project is titled: “Considering the Environment of Nursing Homes for the Betterment of Residential Quality of Life,” wherein I will explore the role of the administrator and the tension between resident safety and feeling “at-home” in nursing homes in the Netherlands. When I return to the states, I will work toward a master of science in gerontology; I am especially interested in aging, ageism, older adults, and the life span. I would also be happy to discuss American life and culture, the Kentucky Derby and horse racing, the Christian faith and culture in the U.S., the American university experience, and, of course, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)! You can reach me at

Kwasi Amofa
Hello! My name is Kwasi Amofa and I am originally from Ghana but my family and I moved to the US (Connecticut) when I was nine years old. I just finished my bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at a small University, Western New England University, in Springfield, Massachusetts. I am currently working with stem cells and bio-materials at the MERLN Institute of Technology-inspired Regenerative Medicine on a multidisciplinary project to regenerate the corneal. In the Netherlands, I am located in Maastricht and have been very much enjoying the scenery here. On my free time, I am a passionate football (i.e world football) player and fan. I also enjoy listening and dancing to almost any type of music. I speak two languages fluently, my native tongue and English, and have learned Spanish during my high school days. I am hoping to add Dutch to my list of fluent languages. I look forward to sharing and discussing my background, culture, perspectives, and my life in the US and of course football with you all. I also hope to use this experience as an opportunity to learn more about the Dutch culture! Please feel free to contact me at Tot ziens!

Maneesha Bhugwansing
Hello! My name is Maneesha, and I hail from New York City in the United States. I completed by bachelor's degree in International Business at Baruch College, then worked as program specialist for a fellowship program for students going to graduate school in the US. I've recently started my masters in Economics at University of Maastricht, and will be there for the next year. Coming from an immigrant community in New York, and studying abroad and traveling throughout college, I love to learn about new cultures, so I'd be happy to talk about aspects of American lifestyle or living and studying in a new country. I'd also be happy to share what I know about the higher education system in the US (with regard to international students as well), deciding on a career path during and after school, and anything else you may think I could help with. Please feel free to contact me at, and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Jordyn Burger
Hello! I'm Jordyn Burger, and I'm originally from just north of Miami, Florida! I graduated from Olin College of Engineering in 2014 with a degree in Biomechanical Engineering. Olin is just outside of Boston Massachusetts, where I moved to work for the following three years as a designer at a healthcare software company, athenahealth. I am thrilled to begin my Masters at TU Delft in Interaction Design this term. Specifically, I will be focusing on how we can best use design to empower patients and health care workers. Feel free to contact me at

Jade Connor
Hi y’all! My name is Jade Connor and I’m from… (you guessed it) Texas! This year, I will be studying Governance and Leadership in European Public Health at Maastricht University in Masstricht, The Netherlands. This program is very unique, combining health policy and public health in the context of Europe. After my Fulbright year, I will be attending Harvard Medical School, where I hope to use the knowledge I gained during this master’s program to contribute to the emerging conversation about public health policy in the US, particularly regarding Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. I love to read, listen to podcasts, and run as well! I’m eager to speak to students about healthcare, the US, and how our culture contributes our system of doing things. Feel free to contact me at I’m excited to hear from you!

Lexie Davis
Hallo! I’m a first-year Research Masters student at the Vrije Universiteit in the Critical Studies in Art & Culture program, where I’m studying the ways that film influenced interwar realist painting practices. I grew up in Los Angeles and completed my B.A. at Bard College, a small liberal arts school in upstate New York, where I doubled majored in Film and French Studies. Since then, I’ve worked in France and Los Angeles at a number of arts and educational institutions. My most recent position was in the Department of Modern Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where I contributed to an exhibition of Marc Chagall’s designs for the stage. While in Amsterdam, I plan to become involved with local museums, and look forward to learning more about Dutch artists and filmmakers. I would love to speak with your students about film and new media, contemporary art, working in a museum, or studying in the United States.
Lexie Davis,

Elizabeth Dresselhaus
Hoi! My name is Elizabeth Dresselhaus and I am researching theoretical physics at Leiden University this year. I was raised in Boulder, Colorado and then attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, earning a bachelor's and master's in Physics. Next year I plan to move to California and begin a Ph.D, also in Physics. My academic interests are in novel quantum materials and their applications to renewable energy. Outside of research and school, I enjoy swimming, hiking, and playing the violin. I am happy to talk about physics and math on a more extracurricular level: some fun topics I can talk about are the physics of clouds, the golden ratio, or an introduction to quantum teleportation. I am also happy to talk about my experiences living in different areas of the United States and my pathway to studying science. Please contact me at; I look forward to hearing from you!

Tiffany Ernst
Hallo! My name is Tiffany and I come from a small town in northern New Jersey just south of New York City. I recently graduated with bachelors' degrees in Marine Biology and Chemistry from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and am now pursuing a masters in Biology with a specialization in adaptive organisms at Radboud University Nijmegen. My research focuses on the effect of thyroid hormones on bone cell activity in the scales of zebrafish and I have a background in physiological biochemistry, specifically glucose metabolism in cetaceans like the bottlenose dolphin. In conjunction with my studies I have spent the last 2 years serving as a board member for the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), a non-profit organization which promotes experiential learning and honors programming in universities and colleges across the U.S. Beyond my academic life, I am an avid backpacker, hiker, and fisherwoman, which has brought me to a variety of natural landscapes throughout N. America. I would be happy to talk about my research, honors education in the U.S., the great outdoors, slam poetry, fun facts about fish, etc. etc. Please feel free to contact me at

Christina Espey-Sundt
Hoi! My name is Christina Espey-Sundt and I recently graduated from law school in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I focused my studies on immigration and asylum law. I’m currently a student at VU Amsterdam pursuing a Master’s of Law in International Migration and Refugee Law. In my free time I enjoy singing in choir, playing the flute, and exploring Amsterdam by bike! I would be happy to discuss American immigration/refugee policy, legal education, and studying in the US. Please contact me at

Claire Gorey
Hello! My name is Claire Gorey, and I am currently in a PhD program in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Florida. I am a visiting scholar at the University of Amsterdam, where I will be conducting a research study on mechanisms underlying the gateway effect (i.e., what drives an individual’s transition from softer to harder drugs). My long-term goal is to develop prevention efforts in high schools that target the strongest underlying mechanisms and to be involved in policy making. Beyond substance use research, in my clinical training, we are also required to keep a caseload of clients with diverse needs (e.g., OCD, depression, Alzheimer’s) and thus, I am well-versed in gold standard treatments and neuropsychological testing for a variety of disorders. In my spare time, I read a lot of American politics, play every sport possible (including ping pong and foosball), and some video games (any games where you explore new areas!). I would be happy to talk about statistical analyses, treatment or assessment of psychological disorders, scientific writing and research, how drugs act in the brain, American culture and politics, or anything else that you would find relevant given my experiences. I can be reached at

Emily Jennings
Hi, ya’ll! My name is Emily Jennings, and I am originally from Spanish Fort, Alabama. I recently graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and am currently working toward a Master’s degree in the Neurosciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My post-graduation plan is to earn a PhD in Anthropology and work in the up-and-coming field of neuroarchaeology. When I’m not studying, I enjoy fencing, travelling, and reading. I would be happy to come speak to your students about neuroscience, science in general, university in the United States, life in the southern United States, or anything else about which they are curious! I can be reached at

Patrick Ledzian

Hello! My name is Patrick and I am from the state of Florida in the United States. I spent four years at the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut and recently graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have interests in cyber security and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and worked on both during my undergrad. Here in the Netherlands I am studying for a MSc in Systems and Control at TU Delft where I hope to do research on intelligent control systems and their application to UAS. I enjoy playing the electric guitar, chess, and ballroom dance and I am always looking for other creative outlets! I would be happy to discuss the United States, the US Coast Guard, UAS or anything else you may be interested in. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Emily Lurier
Hello! My name is Emily Lurier and I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts where I received my bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. Currently, I am a 4th year PhD student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and my doctoral research focuses on incorporating biomaterials into the body by controlling the inflammatory response. During my time here at the TU/Eindhoven, I will be focusing on promoting the longevity of heart valve replacements in the body using novel drug delivery systems. Outside of the laboratory, I enjoy exploring new cities, playing volleyball, and knitting. I’d be happy to discuss biomedical engineering in general, my project, what it’s like to study in America, or any other questions you might have! Please feel free to contact me at:

Daniel McCusker
Hello! My name is Dan and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In May 2016, I completed my bachelor’s program in physics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. I am now working towards my Masters degree in Applied Physics at TU Delft, and hope to return to the US to complete my Ph.D. in physics after my two years in the Netherlands. During my time at Georgetown, I spent a lot of time thinking about science and its role in society. I worked on a group project in which we directly lobbied congressional offices to support a renewable energy workforce bill and to increase National Science Foundation funding. TU Delft is a great place for me to continue exploring these intersectional issues, as it is an international scientific community reflecting many different experiences, perspectives, and priorities. I am happy to talk to your students about American politics and civics, the legislative process and the upcoming presidential election. In my free time I play a lot of guitar, both electric and acoustic, and am hoping to start a student jazz combo! You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Frea Mehta
Hello! My name is Frea Mehta and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State University with bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology. I am currently working with Dr. Mark Post’s group at Maastricht University where we are growing cultured meat in a lab. This technology has the potential to significantly alter the landscape of global food production, with positive implications for the environment, animal welfare, and food security. My project is in characterizing the relationship between fat and muscle cells grown together. I also plan to use art as a tool of scientific communication to foster understanding about this new food technology, so I would love the opportunity to engage with your students about cultured meat! Please feel free to contact me at

Ellen Nigro
Hello! My name is Ellen Nigro and I come from Delaware on the East Coast of the United States. I am a third-year student in the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation where I study the preservation and restoration of paintings. This year I am living in Den Haag where I am doing research and practical conservation work at the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis. This includes researching and treating a 17th-century fruit still life by Cornelis de Heem, as well as studying the Mauritshuis collection and learning from the incredible conservators there. I would love to talk to students about what paintings conservators do, and how we use science in our field! Send me an e-mail:

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