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Visa and Registration


At the moment, U.S. citizens do not need a visa to get into The Netherlands. However, if you come for study or research your host university or organization needs to apply for a residence permit (see below) for you before your arrival in The Netherlands. So please contact your host well in advance and ask what they need from you to start this process. 


Your host institution acts as your residence permit sponsor. The institution has to apply for your residence permit on your behalf before your arrival, and will need to receive certain documentation from you to do so. Your contact person at the university or institute at which you are affiliated with will be able to tell you what documentation you need to provide them with, and when. The required documents will likely include: your passport, birth certificates for you and any accompanying family members with apostilles, and, if applicable, a marriage license. A particularity of the Dutch bureaucratic system is that regular copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses are not sufficient. You’ll need to acquire these documents with an apostille or stamp, from the Secretary of State Office, in your state, before you depart.
The residence permit for an adult costs € 192 or depending on the category you fall into, sometimes € 321. The host will most likely need to pay this on your behalf prior to your arrival. If you are a Fulbright grantee, these costs will be reimbursed by the Fulbright Center for you, but not for any dependents traveling with you. For more information, please check the following websites.

Visa/Registration information Websites

Immigration Procedures for Academic Visitors